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SEAM Library

Project Description
SEAM Library provides basic reusable, fundamental, lightweight components that can be leveraged for any .NET application. No more writing basic Data Access Layer (DAL), Exception Management mechanisms. The library is developed in C# 3.5.

Components in SEAM Library are extremely lightweight so they can be used in any application without much of an overhead. Components include:
  • SEAM.Data – provides roboust components to be able to simplify ADO.NET connectivity.
  • SEAM.Exception – provides basic components to handle exceptions.


SEAM.Data library implements a powerful and lightweight Data Access Layer (DAL) that can be used in a mission critical enterprise level application. Since SEAM.Data is a framework and not a specific implementation, it does require some architecture level code to get started. Ultimate goal for SEAM's DAL is to shield developers from interacting with ADO.NET (hence the database) directly. DAL built with following principles in mind:
  • Security - SEAM allows enterprise architecture group to shield certain critical information (such as connection strings) from developers and adhere to enterprise security standards.
  • Speed - implementation of a DAL in an enterprise can usually be done very quickly with very little effort
  • Flexibility - SEAM provides multiple ways of interacting with the DAL to minimize the learning curve for developers
  • Extensibility - common set of tasks that relate to DAL have been concretly implemented. However, changing behavior of the concrete implementation is quite simple.
  • Productivity - developers generally write quite a bit of code (over and over) when interacting with the database. SEAM provides roboust methods to help achieve some of those tasks with very little effort (generally in a single line of code).

Refer to Getting Started with SEAM.Data under Disussions section for an easy step by step guide to getting started with SEAM DAL.

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